About Us

Akchita is a Real Estate Group and Akchita primary business to create High-tech Residential Township and Building Residence. Akchita Project affiliates have developed specialties in the management , developments, acquisition, constructions and disposition of high quality multifamily Residential township.

Our diverse engineering team has experience in construction of multi storey buildings, shopping malls, sez parks, independent villas, apartments, hotels, private member’s clubs, waste water treatment plants, roads and bridges etc. As engineers we also undertake projects and advise our clients on how to optimize their projects and guide them in order to achieve efficiency in a cost effective manner.


We aim to be at the forefront of property marketing, and to provide tailored, innovative solutions that fit our client’s individual property and situations to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. To make the Buying and Selling of Real Estate as Cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service.


To transform the property management industry through commitment to positive change and innovation that redefines the quality and consistency of service that client can expect from a property manager. To inspire trust through demonstrated dedication to honesty, integrity and transparency

Our Team